It all comes back to family

It is all about family, love and everything life throws at us.


Erika and I met in Montreal, Canada on November 2007. Both of us arrived separately from Mexico City in the end of 2004 beginning of 2005 and it turned out that we lived three blocks apart from each other which was funny since before coming here we lived at opposite sides of a huge city.

We immediately hit it off and after 10 months of dating we were living together. We got married two years later and shortly after began trying to have a family. For both of us having children was a dream we had for years so it was incredibly sad that we had fertility issues. We tried to get pregnant for almost two years before we decided to see a specialist.

Since then every single episode has been one of tears, heartbreak, frustration and even desperation. Every single attempt at the fertility clinic failed and we have no more options to get pregnant. If we are to have a baby it will have to be via surrogacy.

This is the purpose of starting this blog, so that people can know our story and hopefully one day to be able to find someone willing to make our biggest, deepest dream of becoming parents come true.