I feel a little bit awkward writing about myself and do not like to use the word “I” constantly so I hope you don’t mind I tell you about myself in the third person.

Sergio (most of his family and friends call him Serge) was born and raised in Mexico City and works as a Software Engineer. He decided to move to Canada after deciding that he had enough about the insane traffic, overwhelming pollution, increase in crime rates and particularly the fact that there were not too many options for software development, and by just a fluke he chose to live in Montreal. He arrived in April of 2005.

You could say that he is an extremely curious person which makes him try to figure out how to do stuff so he ends up picking up a hobby, holding it for a while and then moving to something else. In recent years he has picked up ventriloquism and card tricks, but his true passions are playing the guitar and chess. For the past year he has been putting a lot of effort in improving his chess playing. There is a reason for that. He read that children who play chess develop a lot of abilities and not only perform really well in school but they also have it easier relating to people in general so he really wishes to teach his baby to play chess. Besides he did not have anybody to play with when he was growing up since none of his siblings nor his friends liked the game so his dream is to be able to play with his baby.

He realized he was able of becoming a father at a young age and he actually cried out of happiness. The day his niece was born as soon as his brother put her in his arms he started crying uncontrollably until his brother told him, “Man! I can’t imagine your reaction once it is your own!”, so this past four years have been particularly horrible for him. The fact that the baby hasn’t arrive yet is what occupies his mind day in and day out. Going through the fertility treatments with Erika and finally getting to the point in which they had to accept that it was not going to happen for them was heartbreaking, and now their only remaining option to be able to hold a tiny baby is to find both a surrogate mother and an egg donor so we are both here telling you our story in the hope that soon we can find the people who will help us realize our dearest dream.