This is the very start of this blog and even though we will be talking about our issues with infertility and our search for options we would like for you to get to know us a little bit first.

Erika was born and raised in Mexico City and has a bachelor degree in Business Administration. Recently after graduating she decided that she wanted to experience living in another country and moved to Montreal, Canada on October 2004.

Since the very beginning of her professional career she worked in close contact with customers as a costumer service representative but she always felt that it was not exactly what she wanted to do with her life. It took quite a few tries experimenting with different activities, talking courses in web design, changing jobs until she finally realized that she was born to be a sales person. She has been doing that since 2012 and she loves it, for the first time in her life she is really passionate about her work and she strives to do it better every single day by increasing her knowledge and improving her skills. The one occasion she has been happier was on the day she got married.

Leading an active lifestyle is what Erika is all about. She loves to work out and goes to the gym three to four times per week. Once summer comes it is a given that we will spend quite a few days walking around Canada’s forests, roller blading, having a picnic or discovering something new. Recently we started learning how to play tennis and even though we do not do it very well we have a lot of fun trying. She likes going to museums, exhibitions of all sorts, pretty much anything will make her curious. Since we started trying to have a baby her usual phrases have been “I am going to bring my baby here” or “I will do this with my baby”.

Not being able to have a baby has been really hard on her, I lost count of all the times I have seen her crying or just being plain sad. It crushes my heart every time I hear her say “How I wish for my baby to arrive” and to feel absolutely powerless to make her wish come true.

It is now July of 2016 and we have actively started searching for a surrogate mother. I just hope we do not have to wait much longer.