By the time of this writing, Erika and I have been married for almost six years and we have been trying to have a baby for the last four. We had gone through fertility treatments, even had someone offer us to donate her eggs, which we gladly accepted, and not even that way have we been able to see our dreams of becoming a family fulfilled.

For us there are only two options left: adoption or surrogacy. For the longest time we thought that our only option if we could not have a baby was to adopt one, especially since the laws in the province of Quebec are not, let’s say, “surrogacy friendly”. We actually did look into it and it is definitely an option we are willing to pursue.

But we have to be honest with ourselves. For a really long time we have been dreaming of experiencing pregnancy and enjoying it as a couple, going through both the scary and joyful moments of it which will finally deliver us a brand new tiny person to our arms. We have been dreaming of watching this super tiny hand getting a hold of our fingers, watching it discover something new every single day and getting to understand that we are its parents. Unfortunately we have to accept that we will not be experiencing the first part, at least not without somebody’s help.

That was the reason Erika looked into surrogacy and after quite some research we learned that it is very likely that we can have someone carry our baby if we do it in the neighboring province of Ontario. Alberta is another province in which the laws are also well written, even though it is far from where we live, which would make meeting with our intended surrogate mother more difficult we would be open to that possibility as well. We have already discussed our options with a lawyer and she explained to us that it is very feasible that if we find someone in that province who is willing to do this for us we might have this tiny person that we are longing for.

So that is why we decided to start this blog, so that people can get to know us, get to know our story in the hope that somewhere there is someone who is willing to donate her eggs as well as someone willing to donate her body to carry our baby. Yes, we do need two persons for this to happen.

We are asking you to look around, read about us and share our story. We are confident that these people are out there and close by, we just need to find each other so that this tiny person can finally come to our home where he/she will be as loved as any little baby could ever be loved.